Endowment Insurance

So much more than a monthly salary.

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Həyatın Yaşam Sığortası

Mükəmməl yığım məhsulu


Every 1 AZN from your salary you deposit towards the Endowment Insurance will be returned to you in full upon the expiration of the contract.

  • Payments for the State Social Protection Fund
  • Income tax returns on your account
  • + 3% interest on your deposit

Life insurance

By joining the Endowment Insurance plan, you insure your life for the contracted period of time as well.


No need to go anywhere to manage your accounts.

Handle contracts on your own anytime and anywhere via your Cabinet.


PASHA Life is a part of PASHA Holding Group, recognized for its reliability.

The product operates pursuant to the article 15 of the Social Insurance Law and article 116 of the Tax Code.


You can join in with any amount starting from 50 AZN.

The amount you deposit from your salary is automatically transferred to your account monthly.

19282 employees of 1002 partner companies are rapidly increasing their savings with PASHA Life

Testimonials - Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Kamal Sadigov

Caspian Drilling Company

My wife told me about this service. 3 years have recently ended, and she has extended the contract for another 6 months. In December 2020, the CDC Oil Company I work for started cooperating with PAŞA Həyat, and I joined the product right away. Joining process was very convenient and fast.

I am saving money for my children to study abroad.

Elbrus Ahmadov

PMD / Expressbank

It is hard for me to save money. Endowment Insurance has helped me a lot in this way.

This product outvalues a bank deposit in terms of both profitability and additional value. For example, life insurance is an important factor for me. I feel secure about future of my family even if something happens to me.

In January 2021, my three-year contract expired. I used the leftover funds to overhaul my summer house.

Gunay Gurbanova


Online shopping is my thing, so I can't save money :) I joined with a small amount, but every quarter I increase the insurance premium in my Personal room.

Speaking of which, I really like my Personal room. It is user-friendly and providing transparency! I go online regularly to see the collected amount, using a wide range of features. And I plan to return next year with an even larger amount.


  • Submit online application to join the product.

  • You can apply for conversion in your Personal room. Once a month you can convert the accumulated amount from AZN to USD. Your applications will be converted at the exchange rate of the Central Bank. No commission is applied for conversion.

  • Inform PAŞA Həyat in advance of your contract to be frozen, or freeze it yourself in your Personal room. Later you can continue it working for your new employer (if we have a cooperation with one).

  • You can transfer up to 45% of your GROSS salary to the Endowment Insurance product. The minimum amount to join is 50 AZN.

  • In this case, tax benefits and mandatory deductions are returned to the state. The remaining amount is paid you back after deduction of the costs of administration.

  • With the exception of certain documents, your contract is legally certified by PAŞA Həyat with ASAN imza.

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