About company


"PASHA Life Insurance", a member of the "PASHA Holding" Group of Companies, was registered by the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 24.11.2010. It operates with an authorized capital of 40,250 million AZN and holds a license from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan, obtained on 14.02.2011.

At the time of its establishment, the authorized capital share of PASHA Life Insurance was AZN 7,000,000 (seven million). As the result of the first three years of its activity, the authorized capital share of the Company increased by 5.75 times and now amounts to 40,250,000 (forty million and two hundred fifty thousand).

We’re the company which cares about its customers!

PASHA Life is a diverse team of professionals dedicated to strive for the better experience for anyone who wishes to obtain life insurance. We let our customers tell us what’s important for them, and then use modern technology to incorporate those needs.


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